Hillwalking et cetera

Journeys in the hills and mountains

Edale, 16th October 2011

A little bit late in getting this post online, but with moving house and not having an internet connection for some weeks it has been difficult to put a post together! The start of another Cambridge year began, as ever, with the freshers’ trip to Edale. This is the ninth such trip that I have been on, and it’s always nice to meet new members and catch up with some old ones. I joined forces with Ruth and led a small group up Crowden Clough, over Kinder Scout, through the ‘Gates of Kinder’ and then down William Clough. We had nice weather for most of the day, the early rain and cloud clearing as we passed over the plateau. We arrived in Hayfield in time for a bite to eat at the pub before catching the coach back to Cambridge. Despite leaving a new member behind and sending the coach back, we nevertheless made good time and I was back in time to make the final preparations for moving house… I left my camera behind on this trip, so no photos I’m afraid. There are, as ever, some excellent albums to be found on the CUHWC website.


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