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Between easy rock and a hard place

Nearing the top of April Crack (HS)

As autumn rapidly advances, Kat and I spent a day climbing at Stanage Edge with Andrena, Joe and Peter. Having not done any climbing before, this was Kat’s opportunity to get a feel for it; at the same time, I was keen to do some harder routes to consolidate my trip to Wales. I spent the first few climbs soloing some moderate grade climbs for Kat to second, gradually finding harder routes where a few pieces of gear were placed for a little extra security. With fantastic weather and stunning views across the Peak District, this was the perfect day on which to learn to climb.

After three training climbs we went to join Joe, Andrena and Peter who had been working their way up the grades, finding Andrena at the top of April Crack, a Hard Severe route, with Joe and Peter about to second. I seconded this route as well, finding the climbing interesting and challenging but never too worrying. The same cannot be said of the supposedly easier Severe route that Peter led (Right-hand Trinity) which had a decidedly difficult move half way up. After a quick break Kat and I did a final mod together (turning a 20m pitch into two 10m pitches to allow for a little coaching) before heading back down the M1 for pub dinner in Cambridge.

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This entry was posted on 8 October 2012 by in Climbing.
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