Hillwalking et cetera

Journeys in the hills and mountains


This blog is about my time spent in the mountains. I go hillwalking, scrambling, mountaineering and easy-grade rock climbing. I’ve also been known to keep a couple of tick lists, one of which is complete (the Wainwrights) and one of which is half way there (the Munros). I go away throughout the year.

In the early spring of 2011, fotopic.net went offline. I had used the service for around seven years when it went, and was a little annoyed that I now needed to find a new home to put photos online. It also made me think about my audience: fellow hillwalkers wanted to see photos from the trip, and family and friends probably wanted to read a little about what I was up to, something for which fotopic had never really been that good. Having explored several options, I was swayed by several very good hillwalking blogs that this might be an appropriate way of recording my time in the mountains. I’ll do my best to upload a trip report after my trips away with CUHWC, the Old Duffers and others friends.

Michael Fordham


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