Hillwalking et cetera

Journeys in the hills and mountains

Getting broken in the Cairngorms

My Easter holiday was spent in the Cairngorms with David, Ruth, Alison and Alex. A return to the Cairngorms had been on the cards for some time, with a number … Continue reading

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Hillwalking in Lent Term

So, I know I’m a little behind with things here. Suffice it to say that it’s been a busy couple of months with rare moments to escape to the hills. … Continue reading

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New Year 2011-2012: gone with the wind

For the fifth year running, I joined a number of friends in the Scottish Highlands for the New Year. This year we rented two cottages in Roybridge. Having returned from … Continue reading

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Caseg Fraith, 12th-13th November 2011

Having missed the previous trip to Rydal Hall, I was keen to join CUHWC on their visit to Caseg Fraith, a favourite bunkhouse of the club situated at the foot … Continue reading

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Edale, 16th October 2011

A little bit late in getting this post online, but with moving house and not having an internet connection for some weeks it has been difficult to put a post … Continue reading

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Lake District, 17th-18th September 2011

With the previous weekend’s trip to the Scottish Highlands cancelled, David organised an alternative trip to the Lake District. I drove Sara and Mark to David’s house, and he then … Continue reading

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Time spent in different mountain regions, 2003-2011

I keep a logbook of where I go in the mountains. In this logbook, I keep a note of every day which I consider worthy of an entry – which … Continue reading

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Climbing at Stanage Edge, 21st August 2011

With my summer holiday entering its twilight, I’ve been in thesis-writing mode. It was nice, therefore, to get an email from Joe asking if Tom and I would be interested … Continue reading

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Not quite the full Monte Rosa, 1st – 5th August 2011

The second week of our trip to the Alps was aimed at making a traverse of the Monte Rosa. The highest peak on the massif is the Dufourspitze, at 4634m, … Continue reading

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Saas Grund, 23rd-31st July 2011

The first week of my trip to the Alps this summer was spent, once again, in the Saastal. With David, Simon and Alex we stayed at Camping Mischabel, as we … Continue reading

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Ennerdale, 11th-12th June 2011

The last CUHWC weekend trip of the academic year went to Ennerdale in the western Lake District. As my last trip to Ennerdale was in October 2006, when I was … Continue reading

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Climbing in the Peak District, 3rd – 5th June 2011

At the end of a half term holiday spent marking work, I took two and a half days off to go climbing in the Peak District. Leaving at lunchtime on … Continue reading

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